Rena Janamnuaysook,


Rena Janamnuaysook is a transgender woman advocate. She works as the Program Manager (Implementation Science) for Transgender Health at the Institute of HIV Research and Innovation (IHRI) in Bangkok, Thailand, where she established the Tangerine Community Health Clinic as the first transgender-led health clinic in the region.

She manages and provides technical guidance for the development and implementation of HIV/AIDS research and programs for transgender population, ensuring effective systems and processes are in place to support high-quality research and programs to advance the work of IHRI in serving vulnerable populations.

Rena’s previous roles include project management specialist in HIV Key Population for the United States Agency for International Development – Regional Development Mission for Asia. In addition, Rena co-founded the Thai Transgender Alliance, the first transgender-owned human rights organization in Thailand. She received a master degree in international development from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.