Jarunee Siriphan,

Program Manager
(Stigma and Discrimination)

Jarunee Siriphan, Program Manager (Stigma and Discrimination). For almost two decades, Jarunee has been working on the issues of HIV and drug use. In the recent years, she has been contemplating “Why?” despite these tireless work, PLHIV, drug users, LGBTIQN+, and other vulnerable populations are still stereotyped, dehumanized, and excluded from the society.

In the last ten years, Jarunee has led programs to reduce stigma and discrimination with the commitment to show the society that anyone can be a changemaker by starting from oneself. When each of us respects diversity and human dignity of everyone, we reduce stigma and discrimination.

Challenging attitudes and beliefs that are learnt institutionally means that this is not easy, but Jarunee believes it can be done. From now, we will infuse and ingrain ‘Respect in Human Dignity’ into each and every individual, work, and service.

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