Eugène Kroon,

Medical Doctor

Eugène Kroon is the Medical Doctor Supervisor at the IHRI, based in Bangkok, Thailand. He started his career in clinical HIV research in Amsterdam in 1994 under Professor Joep Lange and since 1996 has been working in Thailand for a total of 17 years.

The focus of his early HIV research was in new antiretroviral therapies and access to effective ART in Thailand and emerging economies. This research contributed to the marketing authorization of drugs such as nevirapine and ritonavir and contributed to the Thai government’s decision in the early 2000s to expand access to ART.

During his absence from Thailand he contributed to rolling out ART with the Clinton HIV-AIDS Initiative in South-Africa.

His current work focuses on describing acute HIV infection and on HIV cure strategies. The RV254 study has already provided valuable insights regarding the former while this cohort of virally suppressed acutely infected subjects are now participating in HIV functional cure studies at IHRI.