Personal Data Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

Institute of HIV Research and Innovation (hereinafter referred as “IHRI”) had set this Personal Data Protection Policy for the purpose of Personal Data protection for all users of IHRI’s website ( details as follows.

Collection of Personal Data

  1. For the convenience of providing service to IHRI’s website users, the website shall collect your Personal Data namely email, name, home or working address, postal code or telephone number etc.
  2. In case that you inquire any of the service, IHRI shall additionally collect your Personal Data namely gender, age, liking or interest.
  3. In addition, for the survey of the service which its statistic shall be used for improvement of
    IHRI’s service, IHRI must collect some of your additional Personal Data namely IP Address number, type of browser program, Domain Name, page that the user visits, visiting website time and the previous website that the user had visited.
  4. IHRI recommends you check with Personal Data Protection Policy of other website that relate to this website so that you can understand how such a website collects, uses, or processes your Personal Data. However, IHRI shall not warrant any statement or process that are published on such a website and IHRI shall not be liable in the event that the website does not perform or carry out its obligation in accordance with Personal Data Protection Policy published in their website.

Usage of Personal Data

  1. IHRI shall only collect your Personal Data that are necessary namely name, address, email or telephone number for communication, providing service, public relations, applying for jobs or providing news including conducting opinion survey of IHRI’s activities only.
  2. If IHRI hire external agency to conduct any operation that relate to your Personal Data namely parcel delivery, statistical analysis etc. IHRI shall designate such agency to strictly maintain confidentiality and security of your Personal Data and shall prohibited unauthorized usage outside the scope of IHRI’s objective.

Personal Data Security

For maintaining confidentiality and security of your Personal Data, IHRI had set internal policy to regulate the accessibility and usage right of your Personal Data and to maintain confidentiality and security for some of important data namely name, last name, message etc. IHRI shall provide secure communication channel by data encryption namely Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol etc. password set up, limited accessibility of the data for only relevance officers.

Cookies Policy (Cookies)

Cookies or Cookie is the data that a website sends to user’s web browser program. When the data is installed into your system and the cookies are activated, IHRI’s website shall record or memorize data of the user until the user log out from web browser program or until the user deletes cookies from your web browser program or you turn off cookies. If you choose to turn on cookies, you will receive more comfortable web browsing experience because cookies shall remember features of each website that you had visited. IHRI shall use data that have been collected and stored for statistical analysis or for other IHRI’s activities for improvement of providing service from IHRI’s website in the future.

Amendment of Personal Data Protection Policy

For suitability and efficiency of providing service, IHRI may amend or change Personal Data Protection Policy without prior notice to you. Therefore, IHRI recommend the user to read Personal Data Protection Policy every time you visit or inquire any service from IHRI’s website.

Contact with IHRI

In case that you have any questions, suggestion or comments in relations with Personal Data Protection Policy or compliance with Personal Data Protection Policy, IHRI is happy to answer any question or listen to all suggestions and comments which shall be beneficial for the improvement of IHRI’s service in the future. You can contact us at the address on our website in topic “Contact Us”