Capacity Development and Advocacy Officer

The Capacity Development and Advocacy Officer is responsible to lead and oversee the activities implementation under Global Fund project including Thailand Community Think Tank, Community-led Monitoring and Social Contracting Model. All three projects aimed to strengthen sustainable cooperation between government organizations and civil society organizations to respond on health issues. The “Thailand Community Think Tank (TCTT) aimed to establish the group of experts from multidisciplinary sectors for providing national agenda on sustaining the responses on HIV and related diseases through developing and sustaining technical capacity of the HIV and TB communities, enabling them to monitor, track and improve the national responses. For the second project, the Community-led Monitoring project, it is aimed to strengthen and support community to track and use performance results to advocate the policy changes and set strategies and work plans to respond to health issues starting from HIV and TB. Whereas the Social Contracting Model project is aimed to develop the domestic financing support system to civil society organizations which provide health service in community. His/her responsibility will include coordinating with relevant stakeholders both from government organization and civil society organizations and conducting the project activities according to the plan. It is expected that he/she will provide technical inputs and manage the project activities to assure the project will accomplish the outcomes and the goal as planned. He/she will also support summarization of project report and documentation of lesson learned from the project.

1. Study the project work plan or work with supervisor to set the work plan of project assigned.
2. Develop the quarterly and yearly milestones to assure the project will meet its goals effectively.
3. Coordinate internally and externally to ensure the project activities will be effectively conducted as planned.
4. Prepare the activities and budget year plan for submitting to the funder.
5. Prepare the progress reports of the project
6. Liaise with PR-DDC and other organizations
7. Present or participate the meeting or activities for the project as assigned by supervisor.
8. Performs other tasks as assigned.

1. Bachelor’s degree in public health or related fields
2. At least 3 year of experience in working with public health-government organizations both national and provincial levels
3. HIV and sexual health
4. Strong knowledge in designing, implementing and evaluating the project implementation
5. Demonstrated ability to plan and organize work, assemble and coordinate materials, and serve as a team player
6. Proficient writing and verbal communication skills (TH/ENG)
7. Ability in problem analysis and problem solving
8. Superior writing and presentation skills in both English and Thai
9. Budgeting skills and detail oriented

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