The Brett Tindall Memorial Lecture is an annual lecture awarded by the Kirby Institute to a world leader in infectious disease research.

It is awarded in memory of Dr Brett Tindall, who was one of the Kirby Institute’s first researchers in the 1980s. Brett’s research focused on the process of seroconversion and the body’s responses to the entry of HIV. He died of AIDS in 1994.

This year, Dr Nittaya Phanuphak, Executive Director at IHRI delivered her lecture "Give the community the tools and they will end AIDS in Thailand". Dr Phanuphak shared her extensive insights into how genuine key population community engagement has resulted in effective HIV responses in Thailand.

Her lecture was followed by a panel discussion, where they discussed how lessons from Thailand can
inform key population engagement and response in an Australian context.

The Brett Tindall Memorial Lecture can be viewed here: